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GE Ultrasound Machines: Logiq 7 Ultrasound

GE Logiq 7 Ultrasound

GE Logiq 7
We recently tested this in vascular and obstetric imaging scenarios with a recent version and we were impressed. The 4D imaging was also very notable. .This is a great higher-end machine for the price, particularly for those looking for a very good radiology system with 4D capabilities.

GE Logiq 7 BT06


Recent versions of this system have really impressed us. We had the opportunity to test its 4D ultrasound capbabilites as well with the BT06 system as well as the BT07 system with the articulating LCD screen which was very impressive and adds very good ergonomics to the system. In both videos, we used a "PHANTOM" baby, which is not real and is for testing purposes. We also scanned the carotid of a 300lb+ male with arrythmia on the BT06. In the video of the BT07, you'll see the new ergonomics, flat-screen LCD, and scanned the baby phantom as well as an abdomen and carotid of an employee. We then took it on-site for real-world scans that are not in this video. If you have trouble with the video, click on the browser window and select "Allow Blocked Content". This is a Flash video.

The Logiq 7 BT05, BT06 and BT07 ultrasounds with 4D has good 4D capabilities, excellent imaging in 2D, good customization and a really good user interface that's easy to learn... although the standard presets loaded on this system (in most cases, particularly 4D) leave something to be desired. With some work, we found this system to be excellent in 2D imaging with solid 4D capabilities.

In the real world, we found that the GE Logiq 7 had good penetration in vascular and Obstetric ultrasound environments. Its big brother, the Logiq 9 is overall a better performer, but the price on this system matches really well with its capabilites and we find that this is an excellent choice for many practices.

When compared to its competitors from Siemens and Philips, We think the Logiq 7 would be the one to beat... even for those coming from Acuson Aspen systems. Your choices will come down to overall subjectivity, if you can handle having "GE" in your office, and price.

Sonographers new to the system typically have a very easy time adapting to this user-interface, which is well-designed. We had no trouble setting up custom presets for the tech and its on-screen controls allow for maximum image optimization without any complex menu systems. It's the first we'd seen of such powerful controls and we loved it. Dynamic Range and grey maps are so easily controlled and it really gives you power over your images VERY QUICKLY. We didn't like most of the presets that came on the system, nor do most techs we deal with, but with a little customization, this thing is really impressive.

This is also the highest-end option you'll find for shared services in the GE line when dealing with mostly radiology settings. The cardiac option is solid on this machine, although we don't recommend it for those primarily doing cardiac where a cardiology-focused machine will be better suited.

Imaging Modes



LOGIQView (allows for an extended view in 2D scanning)

Easy 3D or optional Advanced 3D

Real-time 4D

Anatomical M-Mode

Color Doppler

Tissue Harmonics Imaging

PW Doppler

CW Doppler available with Cardiac option



SRI (Speckle Reduction Imaging)

Elevating keyboard that adjusts vertically and horizontally

10.4" high resolution color touch LCD

17" high resolution flat screen or non-interlaced scan flat CRT

Expanded shared services capability

Customizable ReportWriter

Stand-by mode allowing for a quicker restart for portable applications

Pulsatile flow detection

Programmable color touch screen

Virtual Convex creates a convex field of view to linear and sector transducers DICOM

Query remote DICOM storage device and retrieve images for comparison

Dataflow for automatic printing, storing and sending studies to multiple destinations


10S Probe, 4-11 MHz, Abdomen, Cardiac, Neonatal and Pediatrics
3S Sector Probe, 1.5 3.6 MHz, Abdomen, Cardiac and Transcranial
P6D Pencil Probe, 6MHz, Cardiac/Vascular
P2D Probe, 2 MHz, Cardiac/Vascular
M7C Matrix Array, 3-8 MHz, Abdomen, OB/GYN and Pediatrics
E8C Wide Band, 4-10 MHz, OB/GYN, Endocavity and Urology
3.5 C Probe, 2-5 MHz, Abdomen and OB/GYN
M12L Matrix Array, 5-13 MHz, Vascular, Small Parts, Neonatal and Pediatrics
10L Probe, 4-10 MHz, Neonatal, Orthopedics, Pediatrics and Vascular
7L Probe, 3-7 MHz, Vascular
i12L Inter Op Probe, 5-12 MHz, Intra-operative, Pediatrics, Small Parts and Vascular

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