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Acuson and Siemens Ultrasound
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GE Ultrasound Machines: Vivid 7 Ultrasound

GE Vivid 7 Ultrasound Machine

Smart Choice Ultrasound

GE Vivid 7 UltrasoundCall For Vivid 7 PriceGE Vivid 7

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Facing the Reimbursment DRA blues? BTO2 through BT08 Systems are available. Talk to us and we will get you the most value for your dollar.... whether you need 4D or just a solid cardiac or cardiovascular system. We'll help you get the most return out of your investment.

There is a system for your budget, and you really can't lose when buying the Vivid 7. Call and we can talk about how to get the most out of your ultrasound dollar with this system.

GE Vivid 7 Price

EchoPak systems are available for offline studies.

  • Adjustable keyboard design easily adjusts the console up, down and right or left 30 degrees using fluid, smooth movements

  • Plug and Scan feature reduces boot-up time for faster exams

  • 4D cardiology, STRAIN, and many other high end applications.

  • New transducers and applications facilitate vascular and intraoperative scanning

  • New curved linear and endocavity transducers for general image scanning

GE Vivid 7 Contact

We've been selling the Vivid systems since they were known as the System FiVe from Vingmed... Back then, if you could dig your way through the user interface and impossible stress echo system, the System FiVe provided you with image quality like you'd never seen.

GE purchased this company and soon thereafter the Vivid series was introduced.

When the Vivid 7 hit the market, the only time we've seen more "buzz" around a system was the release of GE's Voluson 730 4D ultrasound. (They didn't make that either, it was developed by another company that GE purchased, just like Vingmed).

The Vivid 7 cardiac/vascular ultrasound was so popular, you could hardly get into GE's booth at trade shows. Its image quality, color Doppler, penetration, stress package, image management, and frame rates were like nothing on the market.

Competition has caught up, but GE, to its credit, has stayed ahead of the game and provides great 3D, 4D, and advanced imaging packages to "keep up with the Jones'"

Regardless, it's such a popular system that you can get them cheap on the used equipment market. They're available, well-priced, and we're experts at installation, training, and service on these. There's one available in every budget.

Call for GE Vivid 7 Ultrasound

Every time we install one of these systems, there is an overwhelming surprise from customers, who realize they received an incredible piece of equipment at a low price. It always helps to then remind them that reimbursements are the same no matter if the system cost $20,000 or $200,000 ;-)



M3S 1.5 4.0 MHz, Adult Cardiac/Transcranial TCD Phased Array Sector
3V 3D/4D cardiac Sector
3S 1.5-3.6 MHz, Cardiac Phased Array Sector
5S 2.2 5.0 MHz, High Resolution Adult Cardiac Phased Array Sector
7S 3.5 8.0 MHz, Pediatric Cardiac Phased Array Sector
10S H4901PC, 4.4 10.0 MHz, Neonatal Cardiac Phased Array Sector
H4830JE, 2.0 MHz, Doppler
H4830JG, 6.0 MHz, Doppler
General Imaging:
3.5C 2.4 4.5 MHz, Abdominal Convex Array
8C 5.0-8.0 MHz Abdominal, Vascular, Neonatal Head Convex Array
M7C 5.0-7.0 MHz Abdominal and Vascular Convex Array
5C 4.4-6.7 MHz High Frequency Abdominal and Vascular Convex Array
E8C 5.0-8.0 Mhz Endovaginal Convex Array
M12L 5.6-14.0 MHz Small Parts Linear Array
12L 5.2-13.0 MHz Small Parts Linear Array
10L 4.8-10 MHz Peripheral Vascular Linear Array
7L 3.3-8.0 MHz Peripheral and Cerebro Vascular Linear Array
i13L 10.0-14.0 MHz Intraoperative Linear Array
i8L 6.0-10.0 MHz Intraoperative Linear Array
6T 2.9 7.0 MHz, Phased Array Multiplane Transesophageal
9T 4.0-10 MHz, Phased Array Multiplane Transesophageal


Call for more information.

Cardiac Ultrasound System

Imaging Modes

Real-time Anatomical M-mode

Tissue Tracking Imaging

Quantitative Tissue Velocity Imaging


Color Flow

2D Image

Coded Octave Harmonic

PW Spectral Doppler

CW Spectral Doppler


Better image quality for 2D, Doppler and color flow imaging

Uncomplicated quantification of LV function

Raw data DICOM connectivity in system that is easy to operate in clinical settings

4D cardiology applications


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