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Vivid 7

Ultrasound Pricing Specials

Prices on ultrasound systems are subject to to availability and prices may change without notice.


Mindray M5 ultrasound vein venous phlebolgy

Mindray M5 Portable Color Doppler ultrasound

Mindray M5 Color Doppler Ultrasound

GPS Medical Best Buy

We love it and our customers love it, too. This is currently the best buy for a portable ultrasound on the market today. See our video, and give us a call for great advice, and easy purchasing options on the Mindray M5 ultrasound.

Doing vein work? This system has been very popular for phlebology, veins, arteries as well as MSK, podiatry, orthopedics and other applications needing an easy, well-designed, and powerful portable ultrasound system.


Ultrasound Special Call

GE Logiq e ultrasound

SonoSite M-Turbo Portable Ultrasound

SonoSite M-Turbo Remanufactured or Refurbished

Now Available

This is the successor to the wildly popular MicroMaxx ultrasound. The M-Turbo has just reached the market as remanufactered and some refurbished units are generally available.

Prices vary on transducers needed and if refurbished or remanufactured units are available.

Contact us for a free quote
SonoSite Titan portable

Acuson P50 UltrasoundTerason T3000 and Siemens P50 Portable Ultrasound Machine

Terason T3000 and Siemens P50 new and remanufactured

If you've spent any time on the internet looking for a portable ultrasound, you've probably seen our wildly popular video review of the Acuson P50/TerasonT3000 on YouTube or the Brian Gill's diagnostic ultrasound blog.

This is the hottest portable ultrasound on the market today. This is a fantastic ultrasound system for cardiac, vascular, musculoskeletal, phlebology, breast, anesthesiology, and small parts.

Terason T3000 Price

Mindray DC7 ultrasound

Mindray DC-7 ultrasound machine

Mindray DC-7 New

Another Best Buy from GPS Medical

Simply stated, you'll be amazed and pleased in what you get out of this best-priced value ultrasound system. See our full review and video on our blog.

This system is popular in all modalities with a small footprint, excellent image quality and wide variety of applications, including full cardiac imaging. Here's our video review of the Mindray DC-7 Ultrasound. Call for details at 317-554-7360

Terason T3000 Price

Voluson i 4D ultrasound

Voluson i portable 4D ultrasound machine

Voluson i Portable 4D Ultrasound

Excellent 3D and 4D ultrasound quality in a small package.

Plus, get a free Voluson i training video with every purchase

You'll be surprised at how the resolution of the Voluson i compares to the full console unit. Check out our video on our product page to see it live. We videotaped a session with some friends and you can see the quality of the ultrasound.

GPS Medical has unparalleled expertise on this unit and excellent applications support. See our video review on the Voluson i here:

We sell a lot of Voluson i systesm for one main reason: knowledge and support. We offer free phone support on applications issues with the machine to all of our customers. We've been training people on Volusons for nearly 10 years, and our knowledge is unparalleled. You'll get a direct line to the president of the company who will assist you with your needs. Additionally, we supply customized presents gained through our many years of training.

All GPS Medical customers seeking on-site applications training will find out costs are approximately HALF of what others charge (because we don't need to hire another company to do it.

Free ultrasound quote

GE Vivid 7 Vantage

GE Vivid 7 Vantage and GE Vivid 7 Dimension ultrasound machines

"Best Value" Ultrasound Machine for Cardiology and Vascular

GE Vivid 7 BT04 Dimension, BT05 Dimension BT06 Dimension, and BT08 Dimension Expert

GE Vivid 7 early models

It's a little secret within the ultrasound community that some of the older Vivid 7 ultrasound machines still provide some of the best 2D image quality on the market.

While the newer systems have excellent image quality that are considered the best available, the older systems, such as BT02/BT03 Vantage Vivid 7 machines can compete with today's best cardiovascular ultrasounds.

The Dimension series starts with with BT04 and introduces newer technologies and is more upgradeable. Regardless, the BT02/BT03 Vantage Vivid 7 systems are a best buy for cardiovascular ultrasound systems. Free applications support with every purchase.

Ultrasound Special Call


SonoSite MicroMaxx

SonoSite MicroMaxx

The SonoSite MicroMaxx is one of our long-standing recommendations for MSK, Vascular access, veins, Emergency medicine, rheumatology, and many other applications in which the physician is performing the scans. We have some pricing for single-probe systems starting as low as $15,000 (pricing subject to availability). Here's our video review:

SonoSite Titan portable

SonoSite Titan price

SonoSite Titan Ultrasound

SonoSite Titan

A great budget portable ultrasound machine

This durable ultrasound is priced $15,000 and higher elsewhere. We will get you that price with two probes! Available system is for vascular, OB/GYN, anesthesia, breast imaging needs. Call to see what we have in-stock today!

Call for SonoSite Titan Pricing

SonoSite Titan portable

Voluson 730

Voluson 730 3D ultrasound machine

GE Voluson 730 Expert Call for Pricing

GE Voluson 730 Pro Call for Pricing

For most folks, entering the 4D arena is quite a leap. This is why they choose GPS Medical. We are the only dealer in the industry who provide free applications support and a direct line to our resident Voluson Applications Specialist.

Simply put: Nobody does Volusons better than GPS Medical. We have sold more Volusons than any other unit, and trained more than 100 doctors, techs, and others on this system.

How do you choose? Standard, Expert, Pro... BT02, BT03, BT08? Should I consider the Voluson e8 instead? Your best bet is to call us for a recommendation for what your price/performance needs may be. Recently prices have fluctuated as market conditions have changed, please call for pricing.

GPS has a highly experienced staff on the Voluson 730 and we can train anyone on 3D ultrasound for OB/GYN/Vascular and 4D imaging.

We are the experts. It's that simple. From Refubishing to training, you are guaranteed satisfaction.

GE Voluson

SonoSite Titan portable

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